Ma. Cecilia O. Laurora, STC Batch 2004, 23 years old
STC since First Year till Fourth Year (SEFI –availee)
UP, BS Economics Degree, Cum Laude ( College scholar / Gerardo Sicat Award for Best Thesis )Student Council Officer, Assistant Chair, School of Eco. Advisory, GK & UNUCEF
extra-curriculars ; loves dancing, singing, volleyball, traveling, event
Present Job: System Analyst, Corporate Information & Analytics, MERALCO


I always heard my parents say we are EVANGELIZERS. At the age of seven I knew that long word more thanthe dialect of Pangasinan where my siblings and I found ourselves transferred to a strange house, strange streets, strange surroundings overnight. WE ARE ALL EVANGELIZERS NOW is what I would hear from the group my parents were forming, for it is a mission,proclaiming God’s Word to the people. ( Mr. and Mrs. Laurora are Neo-Catechumenate Members who pledge to accept to be missioned anywhere they are sent to). Back to Quezon City after 3 years, I was put in a school much cheaper than STC but secretly, my Mom had wanted me to in STC for that is where she graduated from but our meager income for us four girls just could not cope with the higher tuition of STC. But God’s grace poured in year 2000, as incoming First Year High Schooler I found myself enrolled in STC due to SEFI!!! Here in this very auditorium I received yearly my O,S,award (Outstanding Award ) . I particularly remember how proud my teachers and classmates were when I was chosen for the delegation sent to Matirang Matibay contest held in UP Diliman in Math. I also won as Volleyball Varsity Team in AAPS and CEAP, Team---that’s akey word I learned in STC…. We win and lose and laugh and cry as a body… we had close inter-growing years, putting minds and hearts and hands and feet all in a harmoniousmovement….to be Theresian is to move as one body , one soul---- values of PAKIKIPAGKAPWA-TAO with all types of people. Our outreach programs made us feel the pulse of the poor and the goings-on in the lives also of the rich; it made us go to the farmers of Bulacan, the indigenous peoples, and to mix also with the rich and the famous for our teachers would tellus to interview some of them. The joy of growing up and of learning made me accept myself, others and realities of my surroundings. Midway in Second Year , I wanted to move out andlet my younger sister remain in STC. Tuition fees have gone up and I was ready to go to any lower-pay school. But no SEFI was a steppingstone to a full scholarship as DEPED scholar and my younger sister was awarded SEFI assistance and later on the third one too. This joy of not letting my Mom and Dad pay full tuition became my ”EVANGELICAL” contribution to myfamily up to my last year in College in UP Diliman I saved them lots by being a university scholar. Were it not for STC and were it not for the financial assistance of SEFI not only for a year but all throughout, we three younger sisters would not haved lasted in STC not because it is academically too hard for us , but because we were financially lowdown. To be “lay missionaries” is not to expect high compensation for trips and missions done every weekend. My Dad as a government employee had just enough for us to rent, eat, and perhaps just go to a nearby lower-tuition school. But my Mom was shown the path. How? She met the SEFI office staff and humbly applied. We were visited and interviewed. The three of us each tasted a term of being assisted by SEFI---almost 4 years each. To pay forward, even in College I volunteered at the Unicef activities

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for the less privileged and in Meralco I join Corporate Social Responsibility activities now.


I thank all of you dear sponsors. May the legacy of SEFI grow and I hope to come back and

leave an envelope here too!!!