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Years in STC: 1993 – 2004 - ELEVEN YEARS, FROM PREP
Years in SEFI: from 2000 to 2004

Recognition; Dean’s Lister since First Year College.

Actively involved in the outreach activity in Marilao, Bulacan which helped in the livelihood projects of the people, the medical mission and educational seminars for a whole week.

Delivered on

January 21, 2006

My name is Ma. Veronica Arreza, 18 years old, an alumna of STC and currently a sophomore taking up a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Development Studies in UP which took me in as a scholar. My parents, believers of quality education, made me and my siblings attend this institution that advocates excellence, which is STC. Times are not always in favor of what is easy; our family experienced financial difficulties in 2000, and that was midway of the schooling of my siblings and myself in STC. I was in First Year when I almost had the unimaginable experience of transferring to another school…but SEFI came to the rescue when my Mom applied for education assistance. Thank God for such a futuristic decision of the founders in 1972 – one-half tuition fee subsidy by SEFI…..thanks to donors, sponsors, generous alumnae and friends especially the endowers now present here. In UP I have classmates who graduated from high school as valedictorians, salutatorians, etc, but it doesn’t bother me the least bit for I gained confidence in STC that I am capable of performing excellently as well. This is not for academics alone.

One of my most fulfilling experiences was the summer of 2005 when I joined a group that gave medical mission, livelihood and educational seminars at Marilao, Bulacan. For there I was able to put into practice what I feel is the essence of being a Theresian – a person for others. As a Theresian at heart, I carry a dream that someday I would bring the whole country with me in the ascent to development and progress though it may sound farfetched. With prayers, hard work and God’s grace, and the support of dreamers like all Theresians, and SEFI people who give for the education of the youth in STC, we shall make our dreams come true--- radiate light, be a blessing….for above all it is in this school that I learned to appreciate being a light and a blessing. Even my choice of a course in development studies has been made in the light of that Theresian motto to let our light shine. And SEFI paved the road for me….what if my parents just transferred me after 7 years in STC because they couldn’t send the two of us here….My foundation years would have been incomplete indeed. I am forever grateful. Quality education , provided by SEFI foundation will benefit the country because we Theresians are led to be FOR OTHERS, FOR PEOPLE, FOR COUNTRY. Please do not fail the young. Because STC formed us, we assure you we shall move with all your dreams for us, a future that has developed from the values implanted by the family, by STC, by SEFI. We want to pay back by fulfilling your dreams. We shall let the light shine brightly…develop people, develop the Philippines!